What determines the rate?

The daily rate is $650 – $1000 per day, which is based the on the amount of crew we need to complete the trip safely.

What are the other costs?

Additional costs include travel and expenses for the crew, fuel, and any other boat supplies.

How can I estimate the overall delivery cost?

We will need to determine your yachts fuel burn rate, and tank capacity, which will allow us to figure out how many fuel stops we need and roughly how fast we can travel. Generally, more speed = more fuel burned. If you have a fuel curve for your boat, or a rough idea of how much fuel it consumes, we can divide the speed by the total distance to get the number of running hours. This will allow us to get a rough estimate of fuel costs, as well as the travel days it will take from beginning to end.

What does a typical Delivery Look like?

A delivery starts with a signed agreement, and a deposit which is usually around 50% of the estimated costs. A credit card is also required for fuel payments and boat expenses such as parts and moorage. The captain and crew will arrive at your vessel and promptly conduct a vessel and safety inspection which is billed at a half-day rate. The inspection includes: Vessel documents, safety equipment including fire extinguishers, life jackets, life ring, life raft/ tender, EPRIB, navigation lights, radar, GPS, VHF radios, horn, and electrical and mechanical operation of the main engines and generator, transmissions, and steerage, and general sea-worthiness of the vessel. The crew will then purchase any necessary supplies and remedy any minor issues of the vessel. Next, the crew will provision the vessel with food and water for the voyage. Once this process is complete, the crew will depart with the vessel for the destination port indicated in the agreement.

Examples of Delivery Costs

Dana Point, CA to Olympia, WA , 1300 nm- $22,400

Delivery Crew 8.5 days – $8500
Fuel – $12,500
Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses – $1400

Portland, OR to Tacoma, WA 400 nm – $6000

Delivery Captain only 4 days – $2600
Fuel – $3000
Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses – $380

Ketchikan, AK to Seattle, WA 700 nm – $14,250

Delivery Crew 8 days – $8000
Fuel – $4400
Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses – $1850